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Pre-Owned Picks A Rolex GMT, A 40mm Speedmaster, And A TAG Heuer Named After The Temple Of Speed

A curated selection of what the Hodinkee Shop has to offer.


Each week, we proudly showcase a meticulously curated collection of pre-owned timepieces available in the Hodinkee Shop. This week, our selection includes a remarkable Rolex GMT that predates the introduction of ceramic elements, a timeless member of the renowned Tank line, IWC's nod to one of the great aviator's other accomplishment, the finest-sized Omega Speedmaster ever produced, and a watch named after a racetrack. So, sit back, unwind, and embark on a captivating journey as you delve into this week's edition of Pre-Owned Picks, in pursuit of your next cherished timepiece.

Rolex GMT-Master II Coke Ref. 16710

"I would like to buy the world a Coke and keep it company."

The realm of Rolex GMT timepieces resembles the vast array of options found in your local grocery store's soda pop aisle. From Pepsi to Sprite, Root Beer to Batman, these watches boast captivating two-toned bezels. While each of them possesses its own allure, they fall short of being the ultimate "real thing, baby." Enter the coke bezel – a distinctive red and black bezel that has yet to make its appearance on a production ceramic model. As a result, the 16710 stands as the most sought-after model featuring this iconic bezel.

Dating back to 2005, this particular model showcases white gold markers infused with Super LumiNova, a non-radioactive luminescent material that retains its luminosity without developing the patina commonly seen on older tritium dials. Adding to its appeal, the 16710 boasts a case with slimmer lugs compared to the ceramic counterparts, earning it favor among discerning collectors. The aluminum bezel is virtually flawless and serves as the perfect companion for your journey to Atlanta, where you can immerse yourself in the captivating experience of The World of Coca-Cola Museum.

Cartier Tank Solo XL Ref. WSTA0029

Few timepieces in history have graced the wrists of such a remarkable array of individuals across genders as the Cartier Tank. From the likes of Andy Warhol, Muhammad Ali, and Jeff Goldblum to the elegant Princess Diana, Jacqueline Kennedy, and Michelle Obama, the Cartier Tank exudes timeless elegance that transcends boundaries of who can wear it. 

While the Tank Solo XL leans towards the larger end of the Tank collection, measuring a modest 41mm in length by 31mm in width, it maintains an impressively slim profile at just 7.5mm thickness, courtesy of the in-house caliber 1847 MC automatic movement. The XL sizing also introduces a date window positioned harmoniously at the bottom of the dial, enhancing the practicality and versatility of this timepiece that effortlessly transitions between daily wear and formal occasions.

IWC Pilot Le Petit Prince Chronograph Ref. IW3777-17

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was not only an esteemed author, but also a pilot and a dedicated humanitarian. His renowned book, "Le Petit Prince," holds the distinction of being the most translated non-religious book in the world, having been rendered in 300 languages and dialects and boasting an impressive sales record of over 140 million copies.

To honor this remarkable figure who left an indelible mark on both the skies and the realm of literature, IWC, in collaboration with Saint-Exupéry's estate foundation, embarked on a partnership in 2005. Their joint efforts resulted in the creation of special editions of IWC's pilot's watches, known as the Le Petit Prince editions.

The face of this particular watch features the classic IW3777 Pilot's Chronograph design, showcasing a vertical register layout, prominent sword hands, and a convenient day-date display. What sets it apart as part of the Le Petit Prince line is its distinctive blue dial, a characteristic unique to this edition.

Additionally, the case back of the watch bears an engraved depiction of the beloved title character from the book, symbolizing his readiness for action.

Through this collaboration, IWC pays tribute to the legacy of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, paying homage to his enduring contributions to both aviation and literature.

OMEGA Speedmaster Racing Co-Axial Chronograph Ref. 326.

The Speedmaster Racing generation introduced in 2012 and discontinued in 2020 marked the initial release of Omega's Co-Axial movements. Although its production was relatively short-lived, this was primarily due to Omega's introduction of Master Chronometer movements and their desire to incorporate the latest and most advanced technology into their timepieces, rather than reflecting the popularity of these watches.

In contrast to the typical 42mm Moonwatch or the 44mm current generation Speedmaster Racing models, these watches showcased an uncommon sizing of 40mm, appealing to a broader audience. They were available in a range of colors, including black, white, reverse panda, blue, a few with yellow accents, and the red variation featured here. All models were equipped with the Co-Axial chronograph automatic movement, showcasing Omega's commitment to technological innovation.

Another notable characteristic shared among these Speedmaster Racing watches was the presence of a hobnail, or Clous de Paris, guilloché pattern on the chronograph sub-dials. This unique texture added a touch of elegance and distinction, setting them apart from other members of the Speedmaster family.

Despite their relatively short production span, the Speedmaster Racing series from this generation offers a captivating blend of size options, color variations, and distinctive design elements that appeal to watch enthusiasts seeking both versatility and the renowned performance associated with Omega's Co-Axial movements.

TAG Heuer Monza Heritage 40th Anniversary Limited Edition CR2080

Watchmakers often emphasize their history and heritage, proudly recounting stories of their timepieces being associated with notable events or individuals. However, more often than not, such claims stem from marketing efforts rather than genuine real-world experiences. TAG Heuer, on the other hand, has invested significant time, resources, and dedication to substantiate their bragging rights through their track record.

The inaugural Monza watch was introduced in 1976, aptly named after the renowned Italian Formula 1 circuit, also known as the "Temple of Speed." TAG Heuer's commitment to the racing world is palpable, and their association with the Monza model is rooted in a genuine track heritage. In celebration of its 40th anniversary, the watchmaker has faithfully retained the essence of the original design, featuring a black DLC (diamond-like carbon) coated case, now crafted from lightweight titanium.

The Monza's distinctively flowing edges, reminiscent of a cushion shape, pay homage to the smooth curves found on the racing track itself. The presence of red accents on the two-register chronograph dial ensures legibility despite the watch's all-black aesthetic, striking a perfect balance between style and functionality.

With the Monza, TAG Heuer offers a timepiece that exemplifies their commitment to the track and pays tribute to the heritage of motorsport.

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